Why I Give

"I would hope that they [students] would carry on the tradition of empowering one another at Saint Mary's."

Aaren Fernandez ’25

"What makes me really feel passionate about Saint Mary's is the opportunity for women to explore things that they're interested in, in a place for women to really thrive…We support Saint Mary's because it's part of our family."

Joe and Meg Nichols Ferretti ’91

"Saint Mary's is my heart, it is deep down in me and it will never leave."

Shay Jolly Schneider ’05

Associate Dean of Students

"I support Saint Mary's College because I want to support the future. My support of the school is not just for the current students, but it's for everyone that they're going to touch once they walk out of here."

Kimmi Martin Troy ’00

"I know without Saint Mary's and that small classroom environment and that really specialized education, I wouldn't have the career I have now. I support Saint Mary's because I'm so grateful for my experience and I want others to have an experience like it."

Tori Wilbraham '15

"Saint Mary's is a very encouraging environment to be in. I've been so grateful for that, and I just hope that Saint Mary's remains like that for years to come."

Theresa Hayes ’25

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